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Clockwork Watch at Latitude 2012

A Look into the World of Transmedia Storytelling and Alternate Reality Games, is a beautifully written piece about some great minds that have pioneered new ways of storytelling. I am honoured to be included in such an article, and would like to thank Molly for finding my work, and considering it worthy of being included the article.

I’d also like to say that Steve, and Ken are visionaries who have inspired my work. Kindly take a few moments to read this well researched and presented look at the world of Transmedia Storytelling.

The stories continue…

Breathe: Act I. Part I

Breathe: Act 1


London. 2009. The end of September. Summer gives way to Autumn and the city swarms with people sucking in the stale air. Cars sit and choke at traffic lights. Trains cough out passengers. Evenings draw in like shadows over lungs. Clubs and bars pump out their music in dying gasps.


You work the City hard. You love its extremes. The possibility that anything can happen. And when night falls and the Clubs start their siren song you know that adventure is limitless. Music, sex, love, drugs, art, passion, excitement, pleasure, fun, exploration, tribal belonging – the experience on offer is as extreme as you want it to be. The question is, how far will you go?


You hear of a secret place that is beyond your wildest imaginings. A Club which is a world within a world. If you join, youʼre set up for life. Doors open, careers blossom, connections are made as you become part of a new elite. This is every social networking site made real. A generation taking it to the edge at a party for the end of the world. So whatʼs this Club called? How do I join? What the fuck do I have to do to make this happen?


First you have to solve a murder mystery. You have to play a game. But youʼll have to play in a way youʼve never played before. This isnʼt a reality show off TV. This isnʼt a console in front of a screen. Instead youʼll be watching a sequence of short films and gathering information. Youʼll be going to Live Events and Club Nights, hunting down Blogs and scanning Forums. Youʼll be interacting in the real world with the performers as well as your fellow players in a totally immersive experience that will lead you through a series of challenges. But be careful how you play it – because nothing is quite what it seems. Joining any elite comes at a price, and the higher you reach for Heaven the greater the drop to hell. Because this is the world of…


Benedict Taylor (Phantom Menace, The Young Indiana Jones, Breaking into Tesco)
Emma Griffith Malin (Lolita, Death on the Nile, The Forsythe Saga)
Liz Kettle (Poirot, Jeeves and Wooster, Secret Life of Mrs Beeton)
Charlie Covell (Law and Order (UK), Arcadia, Midsommer Murders, Angelo’s, and Fortysomething)
Andrew Robertson (Gormenghast, Far From China)

Phoebe Vigor
Phil Clarke
Michael Gregson
Emelia Holdaway

Andy Wilson – Philanthropist (NBC), Gormenghast (BBC), Cracker ITV – BAFTA Winner, Diamonds (HBO), Ripper St

Andrew Brown – Agent Cody Banks 2 (MGM), Poirot (ITV), Primeval ( ITV), The Royle Family (BBC), Diamonds ( HBO), The Hole (Pathe Films)

Andrew Brown (The Wonderland Experience)

Script Consultant
Nicholas McInerny – (The Bill, How To Have A Perfect Marriage)

Yomi Ayeni (Violette’s Dream (ARG), Global E-Missions (ITV) – Broadcast Award, E-Trippers)

Nick Saunders

Stunt Coordinator
Nick Gillard

Production Design / Art Department / Props
Tracy Russell
Emmily Marshall
Kayleigh Jowers

Assistant Production Design / Props Department
Catie Maxwell-Holland

Lydia Hardiman

Interactive Plotting / Live Events
Andrew Pawlby (London Quest)

Make up
Ann Gibson
Sarah Miller
Charlotte Thompson

2nd Asst Director
Toby Coughlan

Production Manager
Ziggy Gagi

Producer’s Assistant
Hollie Tu

Production Assistant
Jenna Lock

Photography / Graphics
Julian Hanford

Jake Whitelee
Marc Specter
Matthew Weeks