Summer In The City…

It’s almost my birthday and there’s been a lot of activity in my life that has kept me away from managing this online journal. It took quite a while to get my head around my Nigerian adventure; family, poverty, political corruption, and quality of life in Africa’s most populous nation just about burnt me out.

So much has happened I use photographs on my mobile phone to remind myself what I’ve done. Not that I live vicariously through my past, but it’s always worth remembering how you have spent your time. How else would I remember the insanity of white water rafting in the Atlas Mountains, running wild in Marrakech, or seeing Jellybean Benitez play at “A Night at Studio 54”?

Off the public radar, I have been beavering away with the team at Point San Pablo Harbor – where we have two world-class installations in-situ. I’ve been working the literary angle, I finished my second year as Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art, ¬†and I’m glad to say that Corey and I have just published the ninth book in my Clockwork Watch series at San Diego Comic Con!

I have a gut feeling that certain aspects of my life could soon be moving at a speedier pace, having kept a few plates spinning over the past year or so.

Here’s something to keep you tuned.

Summer Of Love ’14

Ice Hotel

Summer is looking very tasty at the moment…

Here’s where you will find the most awesome music, and great times. I’ll also be DJ’ing / performing at these events.

May 25th: PlayGround Experience Camp (Burning Man) Fundraiser. The Yacht Club, London.

May 29th – 1st June: Sunrise Celebration Festival, Chepstow with the HoH Collective.

June 7th: Pineapple Jam, at Jamm in Brixton

July 18th – 21st: Give Festival. Stanford Hall.

July 22nd – July 28th: San Diego Comic Con.
Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA Book launch

August 3rd. Queen’s House Presents a Steampunk Summer Fete.
Queen’s House, Greenwich Park. London.

August 7th – 10th: Wilderness Festival.

August 25th: Burning Man. Nevada. BMIR, PlayGround Experience.

Please join us for a summer of funking fun, frolics and lots of wiggle!

And there was a bang…

Things are gradually picking up, I’ve been consulting for a new start-up which I hope makes it through the first round of funding, we’ve been accepted back to the San Diego Comic Convention, the fourth book in the Clockwork Watch series is now with Jennie our illustrator, I’m part of a team taking a new experience to Burning Man, and I’ve had my first big car crash in years.

It’s almost impossible to distill these developments into one blog post, but this is what living life in the fast lane is all about, and we’re not even half way through February. I’m really excited about the prospects for 2014 in so many ways. The opportunities are gradually opening up, and I am more optimistic than I’ve been in ages.

Here’s to a fruitful ’14, y’all.