Summer In The City…

It’s almost my birthday and there’s been a lot of activity in my life that has kept me away from managing this online journal. It took quite a while to get my head around my Nigerian adventure; family, poverty, political corruption, and quality of life in Africa’s most populous nation just about burnt me out.

So much has happened I use photographs on my mobile phone to remind myself what I’ve done. Not that I live vicariously through my past, but it’s always worth remembering how you have spent your time. How else would I remember the insanity of white water rafting in the Atlas Mountains, running wild in Marrakech, or seeing Jellybean Benitez play at “A Night at Studio 54”?

Off the public radar, I have been beavering away with the team at Point San Pablo Harbor – where we have two world-class installations in-situ. I’ve been working the literary angle, I finished my second year as Visiting Lecturer at the Royal College of Art,  and I’m glad to say that Corey and I have just published the ninth book in my Clockwork Watch series at San Diego Comic Con!

I have a gut feeling that certain aspects of my life could soon be moving at a speedier pace, having kept a few plates spinning over the past year or so.

Here’s something to keep you tuned.

A Year Of Doing Things Differently

It was another great year at SDCC, where I not only met Bootsy Collins – one of my all time favourite musicians, but launched our new book – Clockwork Watch: Evolution Two, alongside Corey Brotherson, and Megan Bradbury.


San Diego was hot as hell again, but thanks to careful planning and a lot of Uber rides, I was able to sidestep the annual heatstroke dilemma that has plagued many of my trips to the West Coast.

We’d booked a two bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the Gaslamp District, which was within a 20 min walk from the convention Centre, and perfectly quiet. Corey, Mon and Claire raided the local Costco and packed the fridge full of goodies, but as usual we all ate out every night. It’s hard to cook when you’ve been standing on your feet in the conference hall, trying to get the attention of people walking past your booth for almost 11 hours. We sold well, but as usual, it was hard.

Halfway into the convention I shot off to Las Vegas to DJ at a corporate event, which meant leaving Corey to manage the table, but I was back in San Diego for a conference call at 8am the following morning. This was a year where I juggled four projects, while on location in the US with jet-lag.

One of the best things about the event is cosplay – the amazing costumes created by people, many based on characters from film, TV and comic. Here are a few from SDCC 2018, for more head over to the Clockwork Watch production blog.

Evolution Two was well received, books were sold, Megan had her very first comic published – which was quite emotional – as you can see in the little video posted online, and the team has been invited to help produce an immersive theatre piece for a new comic arts festival in Huntington Beach outside Los Angeles.

Here’s to a year of doing things differently.

A Sneaky Way To Read A Comic…

This is the best way to read a comic – the #script to one side, and art on the other, but without the speech / thought bubbles. Welcome to Clockwork Watch: Evolution Part II (@clockworkwatch). Great work by Megan Bradbury (@BusyMatches) and awesome editing by Corey Brotherson (@CoreyBrotherson). We are creating a proper #Steampunk for #London. Some of this narrative is based on live events hosted at Weekend at the Asylum (Lincoln), and the Make Believe Festival (London).

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 10.28.26

Evolution at Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds.

Designer Megan Bradbury, Corey Brotherson and I will be launching our new book, Clockwork Watch: Evolution at Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds this weekend. Evolution is the 7th graphic novel in our Steampunk story, and is based on live events that we have hosted over the past 6 years. Want to know more? We’ll be at table 22, in Victoria Hall. Come say hello!


Here’s How It Started by Corey Brotherson

Seems like a “When harry Met Sally” situation, but having editor Corey Brotherson at the helm of Clockwork Watch has changed lives. Here is his annual round up of how we started the project.

“Rounding off a busy year was the launch of Clockwork Watch: The Arrival (Clockwork Watch Films, 2012), which was my biggest project since I started fiction. Former BBC gent, filmmaker and Drum and Bass pioneer Yomi Ayeni came a-knocking after I was recommended by our mutual friend Matt Gibbs (now games/comics writer and Improper Books editor). He needed a comics writer to help adapt Clockwork Watch – a more inclusive, less colonial based Steampunk universe – across comics, live events, participatory articles and more. Read more

Clockwork Watch: Graphic Novels

Clockwork Watch Comics

Clockwork Watch is my second Transmedia film project, but this time the genre is Steampunk.

It’s a  love story set in a retro-futuristic universe, and the narrative is told through graphic novels, live events, an online newspaper, role-play, and film – it’s a 5-year story.

We launched the project with a crowdfuding campaign in 2011, where we raised £6500 to produce our first graphic novel. Subsequently we won the 2012 IndieGoGo Best Crowdfunded Graphic Novel Award!

I’m working with Corey Brotherson (Editor), and Jennie Gyllblad (Illustrator / Artist and Letterer.

I can confirm that there will be nine (9) books in the Clockwork Watch series. The books can be purchased from the Clockwork Watch online shop

The Story:
When British Society is promised something new, Her Majesty Queen Victoria appoints a group of esteemed scientists to create a brighter future. They look to an Indian visionary for help, Chan Ranbir, a Kinetic Engineer from Calcutta University, a man with a dreams of a clockwork world.

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival is the story of Janav Ranbir, an 8-year old Indian boy, who arrives in London with his parents, only to find himself in a world where Clockwork Servants are de rigour.

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival
Clockwork Watch: The Arrival


The Story:
Twenty years after the events in The Arrival, Janav Ranbir is a troubled man. The one person who acted as his moral compass – his mother – has passed away, and Janav blames his father for putting work on Clockwork automata above family.

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway
Clockwork Watch: Breakaway


The Story:
Meet Ervin the first Clock to gain sentience after accidentally falling into a fermentation tank at the Hodgson Brewery. It fictionalises the origins of a popular drink called Indian Pale Ale.

Tick Tock IPA #1
Tick Tock IPA #1