Larry Harvey – Another Legend Is Gone

He was a great friend. So much nice stuff has been said about Larry, yet each beautiful word is like a stab to my heart.

My best memory was him sitting at our kitchen table in a dressing gown, chatting philosophy and british politics, sipping a cup of coffee, as an auditorium of people were waiting for his keynote, several miles away.

I rushed into the house, thinking he was dressed and ready to go, but there he was chatting with Claire. I said “Larry, we’ve got to go” he looked up and said “OK”.

And in a blink of an eye, he was back to being Larry Harvey of Burning Man.

Our generation owes so much to this man. Even if you’ve never met him, I can almost guarantee his vision has impacted your world in one way or another.

My heart goes out to all his family and friends.

A shining light has just gone.


We Are From Dust

Art can change lives. I’ve witnessed it happen, in fact I am living proof.

So, after 18 years as a volunteer, captain, guide, and participant at Burning Man, I formed We Are From Dust, a nonprofit dedicated to exploring the impact of art on our sense of identity.

I’m fortunate to have a team that shares this vision, and we’re in the process of creating our first immersive and participatory art exhibition.

The Man Went Up In Smoke…

Man at Sunrise

About time I started posting images from Burning Man 2014. I’ll apologise for the lateness, but work, developing the film, and actually getting to the photo lab, has meant these have just been picked up.

Anyhow, I’ll scan and upload as I go.

Happy New Year!


Man at Sunrise
Man at Sunrise