I’m A Patron of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival


I’m honoured to be joining such an esteemed group representing the Lakes Comic Art Festival.

Immense gratitude to the team for choosing me, and congrats to my fellow patron Kate Charlesworth. I am really looking forward to representing.

The festival, which takes place in Kendal, has been super supportive of my comic project Clockwork Watch over the years.

Kate and I will join existing patrons, comic artist Charlie Adlard, incoming Comics Laureate Stephen L. Holland, comic artist Sean Phillips, cartoonist Zoom Rockman and comic writer and artist Bryan Talbot and comic writer Mary Talbot, the latter integral to the founding of the project back in 2013.

Breathe – Revived

Our course leader at Royal College of Art invited me to introduce one of my projects to the Post Grad students studying Digital Direction…. I chose Breathe (2009) which was a film presented in 3 parts with several Transmedia aspects segueing each instalment.
We went step by step, with me introducing the interactiive / live event parts and having a Q&A session in between each film segment.
This was the first time I’ve unpacked the project in person.
Follow the story here: Breathe- Revived

Moving Along…

The year has started in a frantic style. A project I’ve been working on for the past 2 years was not selected for a main exhibition. Not sure why, but seems our efforts weren’t appreciated, so we are going to pivot and do something different… Can’t say much more, but YAY!!!!

I’ve been writing… just finished editing a short story for my editor, Corey Brotherson, and we are both adapting a novel into a pilot to be pitched to a TV channel.

And HOLD the front page – I have started writing Breathe Act 2. It’s almost 10 years since the first act, and I’ve been eager to finish Clockwork Watch so I can start plotting the story.It is darker than the first act, and we hope it features some of the original cast.

Escape The Volcano!!!

What a blast! Last week, I was part of the “Super Volcano” experience, by SmashfestUK – Deptford’s free annual Science, Engineering & Arts Festival. It was all about engaging / teaching children through experiential role-play. I gather we had over 1800 children each day, which was amazing.


The aim of the project it to teach science, technology, maths, and medicine subjects through storytelling, so we created a participatory obstacle course. To get round the room, participants had to answer a whole series of questions to progress to the next stage. They also had a chance to be part of a Guinness World Record attempt, at the end of each day!

One of the best parts was the ball pit, where they had to dive and and find a single yellow ball, amongst 5 thousand other colours. It was a riot!

SmashfestUK! Deptford’s FREE annual Science, Engineering & Arts Festival

SmashFestUK’s “Supervolcano” is on during half term next week, and I’m hosting an immersive experience for children, live from the crater of a volcano that has erupted Deptford!

I am glad to say this is now Deptfords FREE annual Science, Engineering & Arts Festival

Kindly pass the word round, this is all about the fun of science, technology, engineering, maths, and medicine – yes rather educational, but for SCIENCE!

Date: 13th – 17th Feb 2017

Place: Albany Theater Deptford, London


I have just sent the 7th graphic novel in the Clockwork Watch series to Corey my editor.

The hope is that we have it ready for launch at the 2017 San Diego Comic Convention.

The new chapter “Evolution”, tells the story of Saccadius the bogeyman of the whole story. It’s different, darker, and has a semi-gothic touch.

We Are From Dust

Art can change lives. I’ve witnessed it happen, in fact I am living proof.

So, after 18 years as a volunteer, captain, guide, and participant at Burning Man, I formed We Are From Dust, a nonprofit dedicated to exploring the impact of art on our sense of identity.

I’m fortunate to have a team that shares this vision, and we’re in the process of creating our first immersive and participatory art exhibition.

Tick Tock IPA #3 ~ Is Almost Here.

I am super excited with the progress of Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA #3. It’s touching to see my words illustrated with such precision.

This book is a journey of discovery for our wayward Clockwork, Ervin, especially when he arrives at the “Point Of No Return” in Badagry (NIgeria), which was the last place slaves were held before being sold, during the dark days of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

More to come.