Old Year Musings

So we find ourselves at the start of another year long adventure. 2014 arrived with a bang, sending many deeper into the darker recesses of this era of austerity and recession.

People still cower from the punishing regime of the past few years, many are unforgetting and unforgiving – I don’t blame them. The last 4 years have been a nightmare to say the least.

While I’m happy to be here, alive and kicking, the experience or age has helped focus my mind. Work is scarce, money is tight, survival has become a main concern for many.

Over the past 3 months, I’ve decided to cut my excesses – food, drink, partying, spending, etc. Not that I’ve got much money, but the little I’ve had has been stretched a bit further, and this led me to explore ways of limiting my indulgences. It’s nothing religious, just a way of saying “I have some control over what I eat, and do.”

I am now several months into a twice a week fasting regime, and believe it is time to put the next phase into action. Every day I fast, I’ll donate the equivalent of my meals to a Food Bank. It’s not a new year’s resolution, but something that has been on my mind for a while. It’s all about feeling good about yourself, and I’m feeling good.

Happy New Year!

Tech Is From Mars, Creative is from…

We’re hurtling towards the end of another year, and things in the UK are as stagnant as they’ve ever been. While parts of the industry are showing signs of life, the prospect for many parts of the creative industries are far from seeing any recovery.

As it is, the tech world is leading the way out of the current economic doldrums through innovation, perseverance, and transatlantic camaraderie with fellows over in the USA. I went to a tech Xmas mixer last night, where talk was all about which VC each person had networked with at the event. I was even more surprised by the reaction I got when people found out that I was not in tech. It was a “what are you doing here?” situation. As far as I know, the tech world isn’t a closed shop.

I’m a storyteller, I create strategy and treatments for agencies to sell tech products. This could be through advertising campaigns, viral experiences, TV shows, even alternate reality games. I help the public understand the gobbledegook behind many of the latest trends, fads, and tech innovations.

Maybe closer ties with the tech world will open new avenues for us creative folk, it may even inspire some of us to create concepts that could benefit from the ever increasing pot of resources at techs disposal.

To illustrate how diverse the creative industries are, I start plans for a year-long celebration of Longitude, Steampunk style. There will be quite a few live events held on, and around the Prime Meridian in 2014. Longitude is old tech, but our retro-futurist treatment will make it a hot topic.

I Just Wanna Be Your Dog – Sniper Video

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Video I shot a few years ago for a band called “Sniper”. It is a rework of the stooges classic. It was shot in London and features friends, associates and a couple of people I worked with at the time. This video was banned by MTV and UK TV channels

More than 10 years (2013) after I directed this video, it is still on the age-restricted list.




Title: Raveolution (1999)

What is “Rave?” Music, a party, a political or cultural movement?

Raveolution charts the end of the 20th century through the rave scene, looking at the various meanings of the concept – from the “bush” parties in Australia to “desert” parties in the USA, Berlin Love Parade and Homelands.

Contributions from DJ’s, musicians, political and social commentators and the ravers themselves…


Clockwork Watch: Graphic Novels

Clockwork Watch Comics

Clockwork Watch is my second Transmedia film project, but this time the genre is Steampunk.

It’s a  love story set in a retro-futuristic universe, and the narrative is told through graphic novels, live events, an online newspaper, role-play, and film – it’s a 5-year story.

We launched the project with a crowdfuding campaign in 2011, where we raised £6500 to produce our first graphic novel. Subsequently we won the 2012 IndieGoGo Best Crowdfunded Graphic Novel Award!

I’m working with Corey Brotherson (Editor), and Jennie Gyllblad (Illustrator / Artist and Letterer.

I can confirm that there will be nine (9) books in the Clockwork Watch series. The books can be purchased from the Clockwork Watch online shop

The Story:
When British Society is promised something new, Her Majesty Queen Victoria appoints a group of esteemed scientists to create a brighter future. They look to an Indian visionary for help, Chan Ranbir, a Kinetic Engineer from Calcutta University, a man with a dreams of a clockwork world.

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival is the story of Janav Ranbir, an 8-year old Indian boy, who arrives in London with his parents, only to find himself in a world where Clockwork Servants are de rigour.

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival
Clockwork Watch: The Arrival


The Story:
Twenty years after the events in The Arrival, Janav Ranbir is a troubled man. The one person who acted as his moral compass – his mother – has passed away, and Janav blames his father for putting work on Clockwork automata above family.

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway
Clockwork Watch: Breakaway


The Story:
Meet Ervin the first Clock to gain sentience after accidentally falling into a fermentation tank at the Hodgson Brewery. It fictionalises the origins of a popular drink called Indian Pale Ale.

Tick Tock IPA #1
Tick Tock IPA #1

Shared Storyworlds Interview

Shared Storyworld Article
Shared Storyworlds Interview
Shared Storyworlds Interview

It’s always great when one of your projects gets some recognition, and I would like to thank Scott Walker of Shared Storyworlds for interviewing me about Clockwork Watch, my latest Transmedia film project.

“Shared Storyworlds explores new models, frameworks, and best practices for creating, curating, sustaining, and maintaining collaborative entertainment properties which invite audiences to participate in the co-creation of the world and ideally rewards them for doing so.”

Check this out!!!

My Name Is Yomi

Yomi in Gladys
Yomi in Gladys

I haven’t blogged in ages, and it seems like my work has picked up some interest, so… here I am again.

My previous blog wasn’t archived,, but I am sure there are references to what was posted somewhere on the interweb. I hope this new attempt entertains you.

My daytime is spent creating strategy for brands and advertising agencies, I make films, tell Transedia stories, host live events, cook, and am a keen photographer. My summers are spent in Gladys my 1968 Airstream Overlander.

Kindly check out my site, and peruse my project pages.

Thanks for dropping by.