A Year Of Doing Things Differently

It was another great year at SDCC, where I not only met Bootsy Collins – one of my all time favourite musicians, but launched our new book – Clockwork Watch: Evolution Two, alongside Corey Brotherson, and Megan Bradbury.


San Diego was hot as hell again, but thanks to careful planning and a lot of Uber rides, I was able to sidestep the annual heatstroke dilemma that has plagued many of my trips to the West Coast.

We’d booked a two bedroom apartment on the outskirts of the Gaslamp District, which was within a 20 min walk from the convention Centre, and perfectly quiet. Corey, Mon and Claire raided the local Costco and packed the fridge full of goodies, but as usual we all ate out every night. It’s hard to cook when you’ve been standing on your feet in the conference hall, trying to get the attention of people walking past your booth for almost 11 hours. We sold well, but as usual, it was hard.

Halfway into the convention I shot off to Las Vegas to DJ at a corporate event, which meant leaving Corey to manage the table, but I was back in San Diego for a conference call at 8am the following morning. This was a year where I juggled four projects, while on location in the US with jet-lag.

One of the best things about the event is cosplay – the amazing costumes created by people, many based on characters from film, TV and comic. Here are a few from SDCC 2018, for more head over to the Clockwork Watch production blog.

Evolution Two was well received, books were sold, Megan had her very first comic published – which was quite emotional – as you can see in the little video posted online, and the team has been invited to help produce an immersive theatre piece for a new comic arts festival in Huntington Beach outside Los Angeles.

Here’s to a year of doing things differently.

Stranger Than Fiction – 23 Years Late

Seems like I am trying to clear the deck for something big. Not sure what, but my past is really catching up.

In 1995, a friend and I wrote and produced a concept album under the title Subversive Technology. It was a break from the drum and bass stuff I had been working on, and became a fusion of the many forms of music that helped me through my formative years. In other words, it’s a mashup of styles.

At the time, we were told it was too diverse, so it sat for 23-years. Well, that was before YouTube, Soundcloud or the other platforms.

I’ve decided to put it out on Bandcamp, to see whether it will find a home in the myriad of styles / genres out there.

This is Stranger Than Fiction, by Neil Thorne and Yomi Ayeni.

My Past Catches Up With Me

Sometimes your past catches up with you. In my case, I had a record label that was at the very forefront of a music genre called Drum and Bass.

Tone Def Records launched in 1989/90, and guess what? We’ve just had our very first feature… in Ransom Note

“As with so many early 90s labels, Tone Def Records kicked off with a starburst of riotous creative energy, that burnt bright and quick. Unlike many of their contemporaries they were able to sustain this potency for the length of a golden age. Existing from 1990 – 1995 Tone Def signposted rave futurism; over at least forty releases they charted the technology driven genre evolutions that saw the euphoric Balearic rhythms of label opener Thank God mutate into the dark junglist pressure of their minimalist mid-90s DnB rollers.”

Read more…


Back Making Music!

After several years of pondering whether I would ever make music again, I am happily part of a new project called The Afropolitan. We’re a collective of ageing musicians with vast experience and musical interests.

Our first project is a series of remixes for Sophie Barker’s new album LSA, which we have contributed one track, and we were asked to do a special megamix of the whole album which is not for release.

We plan to release our own material in 2018, and hope you enjoy our tunes.

Here’s the megamix.

Putney Pies Sept Session – Claire’s Surprise Birthday.

Last Friday I was back at Putney Pies, my London regular night, where I have a 4-hour set of deep house. It also happened to be Claire’s birthday. So we mixed both things up, and had a blast.

Happy Birthday Sweetie.

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/Yoms/claires-surprise-birthday-putney-pies-sept-17/ width=100% height=60 hide_cover=1 mini=1 light=1 autoplay=1]