I Just Wanna Be Your Dog – Sniper Video

I Wanna Be Your Dog

Video I shot a few years ago for a band called “Sniper”. It is a rework of the stooges classic. It was shot in London and features friends, associates and a couple of people I worked with at the time. This video was banned by MTV and UK TV channels

More than 10 years (2013) after I directed this video, it is still on the age-restricted list.




Title: Raveolution (1999)

What is “Rave?” Music, a party, a political or cultural movement?

Raveolution charts the end of the 20th century through the rave scene, looking at the various meanings of the concept – from the “bush” parties in Australia to “desert” parties in the USA, Berlin Love Parade and Homelands.

Contributions from DJ’s, musicians, political and social commentators and the ravers themselves…