Evolution at Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds.

Designer Megan Bradbury, Corey Brotherson and I will be launching our new book, Clockwork Watch: Evolution at Thought Bubble Convention in Leeds this weekend. Evolution is the 7th graphic novel in our Steampunk story, and is based on live events that we have hosted over the past 6 years. Want to know more? We’ll be at table 22, in Victoria Hall. Come say hello!



I have just sent the 7th graphic novel in the Clockwork Watch series to Corey my editor.

The hope is that we have it ready for launch at the 2017 San Diego Comic Convention.

The new chapter “Evolution”, tells the story of Saccadius the bogeyman of the whole story. It’s different, darker, and has a semi-gothic touch.

Tick Tock IPA #3 ~ Is Almost Here.

I am super excited with the progress of Clockwork Watch: Tick Tock IPA #3. It’s touching to see my words illustrated with such precision.

This book is a journey of discovery for our wayward Clockwork, Ervin, especially when he arrives at the “Point Of No Return” in Badagry (NIgeria), which was the last place slaves were held before being sold, during the dark days of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

More to come.

A New Beginning…

Script 1

Having submitted all books in the current Clockwork Watch series to illustrator Jennie Gyllblad and Editor Corey Brotherson, I have started adapting my original film script into graphic novel format – there will be a little more to the Clockwork Watch story.

New Book – Tick Tock IPA #2 – is out there

Tick Toc IPA #2

I’m proud to announce the launch of my new graphic novel, Tick Tock IPA #2.

The book, a continuation of Tick Tock story, follows Ervin the sentient Clockwork on a journey of discovery.

The first 40 copies come with a free limited/numbered copy of The London Gazette, our fictional newspaper that was central to the immersive experience theatrical, staged at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, last week.


“A Clockwork automaton falls into a brewery’s fermentation tank, and gains sentience. Exactly the opposite of what would happen to a human being. He finds himself in a world sick to the core, searching for a miracle. Could he be the answer? Is he ready for such responsibility? And why isn’t anyone asking him what he wants?”

Copies are available from our online shop, and will be on Comixology for digital download in the next few weeks.

Story: Yomi Ayeni
Editor: Corey Brotherson
Illustration: Jennie Gyllblad
Lettering: Mick Stock
Cover Art: Fabio Duarte Martins

The Stories Continues…

Clockwork Watch at Latitude 2012

A Look into the World of Transmedia Storytelling and Alternate Reality Games, is a beautifully written piece about some great minds that have pioneered new ways of storytelling. I am honoured to be included in such an article, and would like to thank Molly for finding my work, and considering it worthy of being included the article.

I’d also like to say that Steve, and Ken are visionaries who have inspired my work. Kindly take a few moments to read this well researched and presented look at the world of Transmedia Storytelling.

The stories continue…

Tick Tock IPA: Best of 2013

In a recent article by Saranga Comics, our third graphic novel Tick Tock IPA, was selected as one of the best self published graphic novels in 2013.

It’s a joy to have some recognition, especially as we’re all striving to keep the project alive, with almost no funding. The story continues, and we’re so grateful for the nod. Thank you!!!!

Read about it here


Tic Tock IPA
Tic Tock IPA


Clockwork Watch: Graphic Novels

Clockwork Watch Comics

Clockwork Watch is my second Transmedia film project, but this time the genre is Steampunk.

It’s a  love story set in a retro-futuristic universe, and the narrative is told through graphic novels, live events, an online newspaper, role-play, and film – it’s a 5-year story.

We launched the project with a crowdfuding campaign in 2011, where we raised £6500 to produce our first graphic novel. Subsequently we won the 2012 IndieGoGo Best Crowdfunded Graphic Novel Award!

I’m working with Corey Brotherson (Editor), and Jennie Gyllblad (Illustrator / Artist and Letterer.

I can confirm that there will be nine (9) books in the Clockwork Watch series. The books can be purchased from the Clockwork Watch online shop

The Story:
When British Society is promised something new, Her Majesty Queen Victoria appoints a group of esteemed scientists to create a brighter future. They look to an Indian visionary for help, Chan Ranbir, a Kinetic Engineer from Calcutta University, a man with a dreams of a clockwork world.

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival is the story of Janav Ranbir, an 8-year old Indian boy, who arrives in London with his parents, only to find himself in a world where Clockwork Servants are de rigour.

Clockwork Watch: The Arrival
Clockwork Watch: The Arrival


The Story:
Twenty years after the events in The Arrival, Janav Ranbir is a troubled man. The one person who acted as his moral compass – his mother – has passed away, and Janav blames his father for putting work on Clockwork automata above family.

Clockwork Watch: Breakaway
Clockwork Watch: Breakaway


The Story:
Meet Ervin the first Clock to gain sentience after accidentally falling into a fermentation tank at the Hodgson Brewery. It fictionalises the origins of a popular drink called Indian Pale Ale.

Tick Tock IPA #1
Tick Tock IPA #1

Shared Storyworlds Interview

Shared Storyworld Article
Shared Storyworlds Interview
Shared Storyworlds Interview

It’s always great when one of your projects gets some recognition, and I would like to thank Scott Walker of Shared Storyworlds for interviewing me about Clockwork Watch, my latest Transmedia film project.

“Shared Storyworlds explores new models, frameworks, and best practices for creating, curating, sustaining, and maintaining collaborative entertainment properties which invite audiences to participate in the co-creation of the world and ideally rewards them for doing so.”

Check this out!!!