Stranger Than Fiction – 23 Years Late

Seems like I am trying to clear the deck for something big. Not sure what, but my past is really catching up.

In 1995, a friend and I wrote and produced a concept album under the title Subversive Technology. It was a break from the drum and bass stuff I had been working on, and became a fusion of the many forms of music that helped me through my formative years. In other words, it’s a mashup of styles.

At the time, we were told it was too diverse, so it sat for 23-years. Well, that was before YouTube, Soundcloud or the other platforms.

I’ve decided to put it out on Bandcamp, to see whether it will find a home in the myriad of styles / genres out there.

This is Stranger Than Fiction, by Neil Thorne and Yomi Ayeni.