My Past Catches Up With Me

Sometimes your past catches up with you. In my case, I had a record label that was at the very forefront of a music genre called Drum and Bass.

Tone Def Records launched in 1989/90, and guess what? We’ve just had our very first feature… in Ransom Note

“As with so many early 90s labels, Tone Def Records kicked off with a starburst of riotous creative energy, that burnt bright and quick. Unlike many of their contemporaries they were able to sustain this potency for the length of a golden age. Existing from 1990 – 1995 Tone Def signposted rave futurism; over at least forty releases they charted the technology driven genre evolutions that saw the euphoric Balearic rhythms of label opener Thank God mutate into the dark junglist pressure of their minimalist mid-90s DnB rollers.”

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