River – Mobile Power Station (Update)

Happy New Year from the not-so sunny climes of London (UK). We’re back to GMT and knee deep in winter, which means little use of the River unit for camping and outdoor pursuits, but the field test continues.

Lost Charge
As promised, I am monitoring to see how well the River device holds up to Ecoflow’s promise that it will retain its charge for 12 months. Mine was fully topped up to 100% via the solar panel when I left Black Rock Desert in September 2017, but it has since dropped to 94% – a loss of 6% in 4 months. I will keep an eye on this and update in another 4 months. Kindly check back for updates.

AC Problem
As part of this trial, I planned to test the durability and robust nature of this product, and had arranged to DJ at London’s Santacon event using the River unit as my main power source. It was to power a Native Instrument Traktor S8 (18W), a MacBook Pro (60W), and a small amp 200W amp. All under the 300W output restriction.

While it will power devices via USB, DC, the AC ports are dead. I’ve tried every possible solution, and have an ongoing chat with Ecoflow’s tech team. I will keep you posted on developments.

*** I have since been informed that the device I am reviewing is an early hand-assembled pre-production prototype that has no functioning AC, as a safety precaution***

Solar In Winter!
As I write this update, I am so pleased to see that the solar panel is charging the River, even on a heavily overcast day. This is exciting news for people who live in places with very little sunshine through the winter months. And yes, I know it will take the best part of a year to do much, but every little helps.

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