Tech Is From Mars, Creative is from…

We’re hurtling towards the end of another year, and things in the UK are as stagnant as they’ve ever been. While parts of the industry are showing signs of life, the prospect for many parts of the creative industries are far from seeing any recovery.

As it is, the tech world is leading the way out of the current economic doldrums through innovation, perseverance, and transatlantic camaraderie with fellows over in the USA. I went to a tech Xmas mixer last night, where talk was all about which VC each person had networked with at the event. I was even more surprised by the reaction I got when people found out that I was not in tech. It was a “what are you doing here?” situation. As far as I know, the tech world isn’t a closed shop.

I’m a storyteller, I create strategy and treatments for agencies to sell tech products. This could be through advertising campaigns, viral experiences, TV shows, even alternate reality games. I help the public understand the gobbledegook behind many of the latest trends, fads, and tech innovations.

Maybe closer ties with the tech world will open new avenues for us creative folk, it may even inspire some of us to create concepts that could benefit from the ever increasing pot of resources at techs disposal.

To illustrate how diverse the creative industries are, I start plans for a year-long celebration of Longitude, Steampunk style. There will be quite a few live events held on, and around the Prime Meridian in 2014. Longitude is old tech, but our retro-futurist treatment will make it a hot topic.